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Buddy Roemer On Crack

When Did Buddy Roemer Start Smoking Crack?

Another Presidential Ego Bubble Strikes Again


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Uhm. What?

The great hazard of obtaining any minute level of celebrity, notoriety, or just even "known about town"-ness is the Ego Bubble. People around you will pump it up for you, if they have something to gain.

I submit for your consideration the case of the latest victim to the Ego Bubble. Exhibit A: one Buddy Roemer, former governor of Louisiana, who has created an Exploratory Committee to run for President of the United States.

He is now pumping out online ads for his bid to the throne. Ads like the one pictured to the right, where he is shown using the classic "Clinton Point" pose - i.e., the pose that says "I'm too much of a pussy to actually point my finger, not even into the air to look demonstrative. I am, therefore, a serious politician."

He had a remarkably unremarkable career as a Congressman and then as a governor, losing his Republican primary bid (as a sitting governor!) to David Duke, the former KKK member. Duke went on to the general election against the corrupt Edwin ("Let the Good Times Roll") Edwards. I remember the era quite well - I had a bumper sticker saying "Vote for the crook, it's important!" and promptly got my car spray painted one night by (probable) KKK sympathizers.

I know the current crop of Presidential candidates seems lackluster. Gingrich and Palin, Mitt Romney and the rest are all damaged goods. Uninspiring. Dark horses like Herman Cain bring a bit of a glimmer to the eye, but still has a long road of "viability naysayers" to hoe through.

Then there are idiots like Donald Trump, who, when they're not busy watching their current significant others have relations with basketball players (I really don't get the whole cuckold fantasy that some men indulge in. I really don't) are busy stroking their own egos in media-masturbatory-frenzies as potential Presidential material.

If you have a modicum of money (Buddy Roemer is now the President of a bank in Lousiana) then others will surely stroke your Ego Bubble for a job. Someone made the website and the graphics for the Google Ads that Roemer's now running. More power to the graphics and social media firms that have managed to bilk this guy of his money in his delusions.

From Buddy's website:

Do you want a President free to lead? Today, real people don't have a voice in Washington, D.C. Special interest money controls the discussion. While I look forward to sharing my views on the issues as I explore a candidacy for President of the United States, I will make one commitment to you today. I will take no PAC money. I will take no special interest money. I will accept no contribution greater than $100. And I will report every contribution, however small, regardless of whether federal law requires it.

I want a President who is free to lead. Free to control the federal spending that is bankrupting our nation. Free to strive for energy independence by the end of this decade and bring our Armed Forces home from "oil" duty. Free to make the tax code simpler and to eliminate corporate and Wall Street welfare. Free to change the healthcare law to eliminate money favors to insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies. Free to make sure Wall Street's gambles don't impact Main Street taxpayers.

Yes, we will talk about a lot of issues in this campaign. But we will start by tackling special interest money that impacts all the rest. So I ask you one more time, "Do you want a President free to lead?" I do and I believe America does too.

He talks a lot of pathetic pablum. So he has that to commend him.

Does Buddy Roemer have the experience to be President? Probably, if you use Obama as the measuring guide. Does he have the media "oomph" to get there? Hell no. Not right now, anyway. Google Ads won't do it, either. Then again, you never know -- as Bill Clinton and Obama both demonstrated, people can come out of nowhere to win the big brass ring.

On the other hand, I think that when history looks back at the fallen American Empire, it will surely see these waning days as the time of the Ego Bubble -- a time in which everyone thought they could be President, and everyone was stupid enough to try.

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