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Rest In Peace, Andrew Breitbart


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Andrew and I got into a silly Twitter fight over two years ago. It was my contention that conservative media, and Big Hollywood in particular, spent far too much time on Michael Moore and not enough time giving air to conservative indie filmmakers. You can't just tear down liberal Hollywood; you have to construct something else in its place.

We'd since made up over common cause vis-a-vis "Weinergate" and the suspect Glennie Blech. Andrew and I corresponded on occasion. A few calls. The plan was to have a beer when our paths crossed geographically.

We'll not have that beer now.

To his family, children, and friends, all my best. It was too sudden and too early, and the Earth is the poorer for it.

From friend Liz, her favorite picture of Andrew:

Update 1: Lots of people to block on Twitter today. Unlike Andrew, I'd prefer not to retweet their stupid. I don't have the patience for it like he did. DaTechGuyBlog has a good tribute, as does Dan Riehl, Ace, and Stacy.

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