The Murphy Brown Effect

The Murphy Brown Effect

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I'm sure there's a lot of annoying hindsight arguing going on right now in the background on why Mittens lost. Allow me to add my two cents. I'll be brief.

The conservative world has ceded the field of media and pop-culture to collectivists for many, many decades now. As a result it will continue to suffer at its hands, doomed to losing elections to the incompetent and the corrupt for all eternity.

Romney lost mostly from the "Murphy Brown effect." For those too young to remember, Bush the Elder and his Vice-President, Dan Quayle, were both pilloried by the popular sitcom starring Candice Bergen week in and week out for months on end. But it was not just "Murphy Brown," it was a huge chorus of pop-culture voices all singing the same tune, that Bush and Quayle were stupid, or evil, etc.

So when I say "Murphy Brown effect" I refer not just to the sitcom, but to the entire pop-culture chorus.

Yes, we can argue that Perot helped Clinton win that election - but would anyone have given Perot the time of day had it not been for the "Murphy Brown effect?" At any rate, Bill Clinton proved the master of manipulating the "Murphy Brown effect," playing sax on MTV and being the coolest kid on the block. While conservatives clutched their pearls and clucked that Clinton was debasing himself, Slick Willie rode those boxers all the way to the White House.

Flash-forward to today and the "Murphy Brown effect" is still going strong. Yes, there is the New Media, and yes, there is Fox News, and yes, there is teh Twitterz. But the collectivists use these mediums, too, and they still have a 100:1 advantage against individualism in the pop-culture world. It is not just the "main stream" news organizations, it is nearly every entertainment medium that you can think of. They all slant towards turning the public into collectivist drones, salivating for their piece of the public trust.

Have a look on Twitter and you'll see thousands upon thousands of drones who fervently aped the pop-culture memes. Romney was "pro-rape." Romney was "pro-bully." Romney was going to put black people into chains. Romney was a Nazi. Conservatives laughed at these memes as if they were barely worth addressing, and were destroyed by them.

Until conservatives bigwigs recognize the fundamental power of pop-culture, and start investing in the arts (movies, television, music, etc.) to counteract this trend, they will continue to remain irrelevant, continue to lose their country, and continue to lose elections.

From where I'm sitting, unless something isn't done soon, we're in for a hundred years of the worst kind of collectivism that you can think of, a real dark ages for individualism, all thanks to the Murphy Brown Effect.

It would be amusing if it were all just a sitcom.

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