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Looking for the statistics information? I've moved the viral video statistics here to a new blog post and expanded the information.

Dale Peterson: We Are Better Than That!

The World's Greatest Political Ad
Views: 2,407,321

Nancy Pelosi, Wicked Witch Of The Left

And Here Are My Monkeys!
Views: 653,941

An Attack Ad

Give Me Your Cash, B--ch!
Views: 640,450


A Clip From The Film Sells Itself
Views: 593,253

Rick Barber: Gather Your Armies

The Founding Fathers are Aghast!
Views: 436,020

Dale Peterson: Get Away From That!

The World's Greatest Political Endorsement Ad
Views: 368,179

Sean Bielat: The Barney Funk

Having Fun With A Play On Words
Views: 204,507

Rick Barber: Slavery

Abraham Lincoln is Also Aghast!
Views: 164,818

Young Mattie Fein (vs Jane Harman)

Frau Harman!
Views: 60,764

Glenn Wilson versus the Dons!

This Independent, Mucking up the Business
Views: 8,927

Nancy Pelosi, Get Out!

A Creepy Ad for a Creepy Opponent
Views: 5,011

Les Phillip: Patriot Not Politician

Les Phillip Differentiates Himself
Views: 620

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Buy Hive Mind on DVD now!