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58225 Artistics, The Girl I Need You; Glad I Met You [Vinyl] [45rpm] [7"] Vinyl (45rpm 7inch) 6.99
62063 Bell, Madeline I'm Gonna Make You Love Me; Picture Me Gone [Vinyl] [45rpm] [7"] Vinyl (45rpm 7inch) 6.99
60258 Blast, C.L. Lay Another Log On The Fire; Somebody Shot My Eagle [Vinyl] [45rpm] [7"] Vinyl (45rpm 7inch) 5.99
74897 Bremers, Beverly Don't Say You Don't Remember / Get Smart Girl [Vinyl] [45rpm] [7"] Vinyl (45rpm 7inch) 6.99
73814 Brown, James Gravity / Gravity (Promo Copy) [Vinyl] [45rpm] [7"] Vinyl (45rpm 7inch) 6.99
56462 Brown, James Theme From King Heroin; King Heroin [Vinyl] [45rpm] [7"] Vinyl (45rpm 7inch) 8.99
73822 Brown, Shirley I've Got to Go On Without You / It Ain't No Fun [Vinyl] Vinyl (45rpm 7inch) 8.99
58837 C., Roy If I Could Love You Forever; Loneliness Has Got a Hold On Me [Vinyl] [45rpm] [7"] Vinyl (45rpm 7inch) 7.99
64510 Conley, Arthur Shake, Rattle and Roll; You Don't Have to See Me [Vinyl] [45rpm] [7"] Vinyl (45rpm 7inch) 6.99
67468 Corsairs, The Smoky Places / Thinkin' (Maybe She Changed Her Ways) [Vinyl] [45rpm] [7"] Vinyl (45rpm 7inch) 6.99
60020 Crescendos, The Oh Julie; My Little Girl [Vinyl] [45rpm] [7"] Vinyl (45rpm 7inch) 8.99
58484 Dells, The Closer; Give Your Baby a Standing Ovation [Vinyl] [45rpm] [7"] Vinyl (45rpm 7inch) 4.99
56485 Dells, The Give Your Baby a Standing Ovation; Closer [Vinyl] [45rpm] [7"] Vinyl (45rpm 7inch) 6.99
59611 Fantastic Johnny C, The Boogaloo Down Broadway; Look What Love Can Make You Do [Vinyl] [45rpm] [7"] Vinyl (45rpm 7inch) 4.99
56440 Green, Garland He Didn't Know (He Kept On Talking); Please Come Home [Vinyl] [45rpm] [7"] Vinyl (45rpm 7inch) 7.99
60142 Heartbeats, The Thousand Miles Away; Oh Baby Don't, A [Vinyl] [45rpm] [7"] Vinyl (45rpm 7inch) 5.99
74875 Holiday, Jimmy How Can I Forget / Janet [Vinyl] [45rpm] [7"] Vinyl (45rpm 7inch) 6.99
68291 Hutch, Willie Love Power / Talk to Me [Vinyl] [45rpm] [7"] Vinyl (45rpm 7inch) 3.99
56439 Jackson 5, The Sugar Daddy; I'm So Happy [Vinyl] [45rpm] [7"] Vinyl (45rpm 7inch) 4.99
15350 Jimmy Castor Bunch, The Troglodyte (Cave Man); I Promise to Remember [Vinyl] [45rpm] [7"] Vinyl (45rpm 7inch) 8.99
51706 Jive Five, The My True Story; When I Was Single Vinyl (45rpm 7inch) 3.99
60024 Johnson, Marv Come to Me; Whisper [Vinyl] [45rpm] [7"] Vinyl (45rpm 7inch) 8.99
59973 Jones, Jimmy Good Timin'; My Precious Angel [Vinyl] [45rpm] [7"] Vinyl (45rpm 7inch) 4.99
57606 King, Ben E. Spanish Harlem; First Taste of Love [Vinyl] [45rpm] [7"] Vinyl (45rpm 7inch) 5.99
73958 KNIGHT, ROBERT Everlasting Love / Somebody's Baby [Vinyl] [45rpm] [7"] Vinyl (45rpm 7inch) 4.99
60281 Little Anthony And The Imperials Tears On My Pillow; Two People In The World [Vinyl] [45rpm] [7"] Vinyl (45rpm 7inch) 4.99
58233 MAR-KEYS Last Night; Night Before [Vinyl] [45rpm] [7"] Vinyl (45rpm 7inch) 5.99
60259 Marcy Joe Ronnie; My First Mistake [Vinyl] [45rpm] [7"] Vinyl (45rpm 7inch) 4.99
51703 McPhatter, Clyde Think Me a Kiss / When The Right Time Comes Along [Vinyl] [45rpm] [7"] Vinyl (45rpm 7inch) 3.99
60307 Mitchell, Bobby; Big Walter Nothing Sweet As You; Shirely Jean [Vinyl] [45rpm] [7"] Vinyl (45rpm 7inch) 6.99
56482 O'Jays, The Back Stabbers; Sunshine [Vinyl] [45rpm] [7"] Vinyl (45rpm 7inch) 5.99
62054 O'Kaysions, The Girl Watcher; Deal Me In [Vinyl] [45rpm] [7"] Vinyl (45rpm 7inch) 6.99
67467 Olympics, The Dooley / Stay Where You Are [Vinyl] [45rpm] [7"] Vinyl (45rpm 7inch) 9.99
61338 Pastel Six, The Cinnamon Cinder;bandido [Vinyl] [45rpm] [7"] Vinyl (45rpm 7inch) 4.99
56477 Persuaders, The Love Gonna Pack Up (And Walk Out); You Must Have Put Something In Your Love [Vinyl] [45rpm] [7"] Vinyl (45rpm 7inch) 4.99
51898 Phillips, Phil Juella / Sea of Love [Vinyl] [45rpm] [7"] Vinyl (45rpm 7inch) 3.99
51681 Phillips, Phil Betray / Sweet Affection [Vinyl] [45rpm] [7"] Vinyl (45rpm 7inch) 8.99
51693 Platters, The Winner Take All / (You've Got) The Magic Touch [Vinyl] [45rpm] [7"] Vinyl (45rpm 7inch) 3.99
51690 Platters, The Wish It Were Me / Where [Vinyl] [45rpm] [7"] Vinyl (45rpm 7inch) 5.99
60282 Rawls, Lou Your Good Thing (Is About to End); Season of the Witch [Vinyl] [45rpm] [7"] Vinyl (45rpm 7inch) 6.99
56471 Redbone Suzie Girl (Mono / Stereo) [Vinyl] [45rpm] [7"] Vinyl (45rpm 7inch) 4.99
68324 Robinson, Sylvia Pillow Talk / My Thing [Vinyl] [45rpm] [7"] Vinyl (45rpm 7inch) 5.99
60139 Rogers, Rod; Marshall, Sonny; Damita People at a Bar; Symptoms; Sun of My Soul; Blue Skies Vinyl (45rpm 7inch) 6.99
58057 Ross, Diana I'm Coming Out; Give Up [Vinyl] [45rpm] [7"] Vinyl (45rpm 7inch) 5.99
60260 Ross, Diana; Gaye, Marvin You're a Special Part of Me (Mono / Stereo) (Promo Single) [Vinyl] [45rpm] [7"] Vinyl (45rpm 7inch) 6.99
59127 Sam & Dave You Don't Know What You Mean to Me; This Is Your World [Vinyl] [45rpm] [7"] Vinyl (45rpm 7inch) 5.99
58962 Sam & Dave When Something Is Wrong With My Baby; a Small Portion of Your Love [Vinyl] [45rpm] [7"] Vinyl (45rpm 7inch) 5.99
58840 Shades Of Blue Oh How Happy; Little Orphan Boy [Vinyl] [45rpm] [7"] Vinyl (45rpm 7inch) 4.99
51899 Sleepy King Pushin' Your Luck / The King Steps Out [Vinyl] [45rpm] [7"] Vinyl (45rpm 7inch) 3.99
56461 Sly & The Family Stone Time For Livin' (Mono / Stereo) [Vinyl] [45rpm] [7"] Vinyl (45rpm 7inch) 5.99
62070 Smith, O. C. Little Green Apples; Long Black Limousine [Vinyl] [45rpm] [7"] Vinyl (45rpm 7inch) 5.99
51892 Smokey Robinson and the Miracles Ain't It Baby / The Only One I Love [Vinyl] [45rpm] [7"] Vinyl (45rpm 7inch) 6.99
48673 Sonny Charles & the Checkmates, LTD. Black Pearl; Lazy Susan [Vinyl] [45rpm] [7"] Vinyl (45rpm 7inch) 7.99
58961 Soul Generation That's The Way It's Got to Be Body and Soul; Mandingo Woman [Vinyl] [45rpm] [7"] Vinyl (45rpm 7inch) 4.99
58485 Staple Singers, The Let's Do It Again; After Sex [Vinyl] [45rpm] [7"] Vinyl (45rpm 7inch) 4.99
58221 Staple Singers, The Tellin' Lies; Touch a Hand, Make a Friend [Vinyl] [45rpm] [7"] Vinyl (45rpm 7inch) 6.99
33406 Stewart, Al Song On The Radio; a Man For All Seasons [Vinyl] [45rpm] [7"] Vinyl (45rpm 7inch) 5.99
68325 Stylistics, The Only For The Children / You Make Me Feel Brand New [Vinyl] [45rpm] [7"] Vinyl (45rpm 7inch) 5.99
51684 Supremes, The I Hear a Symphony / Who Could Ever Doubt My Love [Vinyl] [45rpm] [7"] Vinyl (45rpm 7inch) 3.99
60138 Sweet Inspirations, The Where Did It Go; to Love Somebody [Vinyl] [45rpm] [7"] Vinyl (45rpm 7inch) 6.99
59613 Temprees, The Dedicated to the One I Love; I Love You, You Love Me [Vinyl] [45rpm] [7"] Vinyl (45rpm 7inch) 4.99
58232 Temptations, The Masterpiece (Vocal); Masterpiece (Instrumental) [Vinyl] [45rpm] [7"] Vinyl (45rpm 7inch) 6.99
58742 Temptations, The Cloud Nine; Why Did She Have to Leave Me (Why Did She Have to Go) [Vinyl] Vinyl 9.99
48692 Three Degrees, The When Will I See You Again / Years of Decision [Vinyl] [45rpm] [7"] Vinyl (45rpm 7inch) 4.99
51896 Vibrations, The Watusi / Wallflower, The [Vinyl] [45rpm] [7"] Vinyl (45rpm 7inch) 3.99
60023 Washington, Jerry Right Here Is Where You Belong; In My Life I've Loved [Vinyl] [45rpm] [7"] Vinyl (45rpm 7inch) 4.99
52595 Wells, Mary You Lost The Sweetest Boy / What's Easy For Two Is So Easy For One [Vinyl] [45rpm] [7"] Vinyl (45rpm 7inch) 4.99
52592 Wells, Mary Come to Me / Strange Love [Vinyl] [45rpm] [7"] Vinyl (45rpm 7inch) 6.99
56443 Withers, Bill Make Love to Your Mind; I Love You Dawn [Vinyl] [45rpm] [7"] Vinyl (45rpm 7inch) 3.99
57511 Wonder, Stevie If You Really Love Me; Think of Me As Your Soldier [Vinyl] [45rpm] [7"] Vinyl (45rpm 7inch) 4.99