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As of today, with the election nigh, I am retiring from making political ads. Here's the very last one, hope you enjoy.

For those who may be wondering why (as opposed to celebrating my exit), there are many reasons...

First, my true love is making feature films. My adventures in political advertising, while fun, are a step away from that.

Second, when an artist gets too deep into politics, it can ruin the audience's enjoyment of his art. There are countless examples of this or that actor or director turning people off from their work because they became way too strident. I'm not interested in being the "conservative" Michael Moore.

Third, politics is transitory, art is forever. Nobody really gives a damn who Euripedes voted for.

Fourth, politicians are, for the most part, clueless. There are exceptions, and I've been lucky to have worked with some. But on the other hand... well, I'll not name names, but for example, in 2010 I made a very popular viral video for one Congressional aspirant. He got hundreds of thousands of hits, and more importantly, hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations. It was just about the only successful thing in his campaign (he lost big-time). But, in 2012, he used someone else - and received neither hits nor donations, and of this writing, seems destined to lose again.

Fifth, it strikes me as self-evident that individual liberty trumps collectivist principles. It's become rather boring and obnoxious to have to continually debate this with people who despise individualism, and want to have the State provide them with everything. To be locked in an eternal battle with collectivists, giving the same argument over and over, is worse than Luis Borges' vision of Hell. No thank you.

Sixth, there are many petty people in the professional political world. Meritocracy is not the key to that game. Kiss-ass is. And I've never been one to kiss anyone's ass, no matter who they are.

Seventh, I jumped into politics with my feature film Hive Mind, and then political ads later, as a counter-reaction to Obama's collectivist principles when he won the election. Now that his loss or re-election is imminent, the original purpose for jumping is over.

There are plenty of other reasons, but those are the main ones.

Special thanks to everyone I've become friends with along the way, and especially to those who enjoyed my work, and supported it, in this arena.

Update I: Jeff Goldstein tosses a link, who remembers the disagreement we had over the Herman Cain smoking ad. I thought it was atrocious, he thought it was great. In the end, I guess it must be said, the Cain smoking ad wasn't the worst thing about the whole unfortunate misfire of a book tour.

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