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The Eye of Sauron

The Eye of Sauron

Stand Up To It


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I made a viral ad once that drew the ire of what Ace of Spades called "The Eye of Sauron." By that he means the nasty glare of collectivists who have no trouble throwing death threats at those who disagree with them. It's one of the reasons he jealously guards his anonymity online.

It's an almost indescribable experience to have hundreds of crazy people who are incapable of thinking for themselves come out of the swamp to attack you, not in the realm of ideas, but in the realm of emotion. Many people seem to think that terrorism is something that happens far away to other people. In the Middle East. In New York. On television in an episode of "CSI" or "24." Anywhere else but directly in real life, at you.

Some websites and news organizations (like Mediate, Reddit, The Daily Caller, Yahoo News, MSNBC) seem to relish their ability to direct the Eye at targets. They do it for fun. They love it. They are sick.

They are sadists who pretend that they are doing it for a "good cause." Hitler, Stalin, and Mao all thought they were working for "the greater good," too.

The Other McCain writes an eloquent post about the latest target of The Eye, one Stacy Trasancos, a married mother of seven, who, because of her Catholic beliefs, has been targeted. Monsters like Perez Hilton have whipped the Eye of Sauron into a lovely frothing frenzy. The Eye is upon her, making threats to, among other things, rape her children.

Some of these threats are being made by atheists; some by gay collectivist activists; all are made by monsters who aren't interested in debate, but only in psychological destruction.

I know a good man in the film industry who produced one of the best HBO miniseries ever. He's conservative, but terrified to let anyone know, because of the Eye of Sauron. He is not the only one.

But here's the funny thing about the Eye of Sauron. It's a whimp. It's a big bark from a lap dog. One of its groups called for me to be blacklisted from ever working again. Ha! I'm still working. I made two videos that helped win the Nevada and New York special congressional elections for the cause of liberty. The Eye of Sauron actually helped me by giving me a pretty good write up like this, from Details magazine.

The Eye of Sauron is a self-defeating little creep.

So take heart and courage, Mrs. Trasancos. The Eye can not hurt you. Everyone within earshot: stand up to it! It only takes a little bit of courage.

Update 9/22/2011: Lisa Graas, a conservative Catholic, gives a link from her blog. Many thanks! She notes within that R.S. McCain and Mrs. Trasancos were brought together via the pro-gay anti-religion left. It may surprise everyone to know that 1) I am agnostic, bordering on atheist and 2) I am anti-government-sanctioned marriage of any sort. This does not mean that I can not appreciate intelligent, well-crafted Protestant-conservative writing in the case of TheOtherMcCain or Mrs. Trasancos's Catholic-Conservative writing, which is marvelously intricate and detailed. I may disagree with how (however elegantly) they reach certain conclusions, but this does not mean I disagree with the final conclusions. There are many roads to liberty.

Update 9/22/2011: DaTechGuy takes down a member of the Sauron wolfpack, one Dianne Williamson writing for the Telegram & Gazette. I find it particularly ominous when she says "'s a shame that some people continue to spout bigotry and ignorance in the name of religion. And it's a shame that, somewhere in Worcester in 2011, seven young people are being raised to view love between two people as sick and immoral." Is this a sly call on D. Williamson's part to remove Mrs. Trasancos' children from her mother for holding Catholic beliefs? What does on earth does she really mean by that? Is she not content with threats of pedophilia-rape launched at this poor mother's children? Ms. D Williamson: as someone who believes that the act of marriage should not be recognized by the state at all (and should only be in the purview of one's particular religion, or lack thereof) I suggest that you are doing more harm than good to the cause you purport to believe in. Is it about letting gay people marry without interference from the State, or is it about destroying your enemies and making yourself appear intelligent and cultured?

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