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The Slaves of China

To The Moon - And Beyond!


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From the U.K. Telegraph, July 2010, "Currently, there are an estimated 400,000 prisoners undergoing re-education through labour in around 310 camps across the country, according to China Labour Bulletin, a Hong Kong NGO. The camps were originally used in Chairman Mao's era to lock away so-called Rightists, counter-revolutionaries and landlords."
Awesome! Cheap goods from China! Yay!

Your friendly neighborhood V-2 rocket, proudly and cheaply built by slaves. Word of warning: don't eat the dog food.

Trenches filled with the dead from the Nazi Mittlewerks-Dora factory to produce the V-2 rocket. These people had the unmitigated gall to stop asking what they could do for their country and died! Sometimes, you just gotta free trade with other countries. Countries that trade with each other never get into wars with each other.

The socialist NAZI regime is proud to present to you two survivors of the Mittlewerks-Dora V-2 rocket slave labor camp. Caution: before launching rocket, step back several hundred yards and try to find a thick concrete bunker to shelter in, as contents of slave-labor-product may explode unexpectedly. Also, don't drink the milk if you value your liver.

Look, ma. No freedom.

Yesterday the Army Times revealed that shoddy counterfeit Chinese electronics have been making their way into our military supply chains. Then, last night, the subject of free trade with China came up in the CNBC GOP Debate. There's a word I have in mind that was never brought up during the debate, and is rarely if ever mentioned in any of the articles and news reports involving China. Can you guess what that word is?

Rick Santorum was the first to mention China, even before the moderators, in regards to his plan to reduce all taxes on the manufacturing sector to zero...

... we'll send a very clear message out to manufactures in this country and all over the world that America will compete. Some have suggested we need to go into a trade war with China and have tariffs. That just taxes you. I don't want to tax you. I want to create an atmosphere where businesses and manufacturers can be profitable. We'll lower taxes, repatriating funds, zero percent tax if you repatriate those funds and invest them in plant and equipment.

CNBC moderator Harwood soon brought up the subject of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, which has "Made in China" stamped on it...

Harwood: Mr. Cain, let me ask you a question, under a Republican governor, the state of California hired a company in China to build major portions in the new San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, creating thousands of jobs in China. And California did that because it was cheaper. Is that smart, purchasing by government in a global economy, or is there something wrong with that?

Cain: There's something wrong that, which is why I have proposed a bold plan, 999... (LAUGHTER)... and allow me to explain how on the 999 that that company would be more inclined to keep the business here. On the first 9, you take sales minus purchases, net exports, and capital, it levels the playing field between goods produced here in the United States and the rest of the world. It makes the United States much more competitive and businesses won't be tempted to build overseas and send jobs overseas. The tax code is what sends jobs overseas. The tax code is what caused them to buy the articles from the Chinese. It starts with replacing the tax code.

Again, the word I have in mind goes unmentioned, just as it was when the spotlight was turned on Romney.

HARWOOD: Governor Romney, was it a mistake for Governor Schwarzenegger to hire the firm in China to build portions of that bridge?

ROMNEY: Well, that's a -- a long answer to that, because what China is doing is not playing fairly by the rules that exist in our -- in the WTO and the world. China is, on almost every dimension, cheating. And we've got to recognize that. It is good for America... (APPLAUSE) It is good for America to have free trade. It is good for us to be able to send our goods and services around the word and vice versa.

HARWOOD: So a good decision to build the bridge over there?

ROMNEY: That is normally a good thing. But China is playing by different rules. One, they are stealing intellectual property. Number two, they're hacking into our computer systems, both government and corporate. And they are stealing, by virtue of that as well, from us. And finally, they are manipulating their currency, and by doing so, holding down the price of Chinese goods, and making sure their products are artificially low-priced. It's predatory pricing, it's killing jobs in America. If I'm president of the United States, I'm making it very clear, I love free trade. I want to open markets to free trade. But I will crack down on cheaters like China. They simply cannot continue to steal our jobs.

Let's turn it over to Newt. Did he say the magic word?

BARTIROMO: Speaker, in addition to that, so many companies -- multinational companies, want to try to get a foothold in China and sell to the billion-and-a-half people there. They can only do joint ventures. They're not getting a fair shake in terms of selling to that 1.5 billion person population. How would you move the needle?

GINGRICH: Well, there are two things here. And let me say in advance that I would yield in part to Governor Huntsman, because he speaks fluent Chinese, he has worked in China, and he's been the ambassador. And I'd be curious to get his reaction. But there are two different parts here. The problem with building the bridge is simple. What -- what is it about American regulations, American taxation, American labor cost and attitudes that makes it cheaper to go to China than to go to the United States? Now, we... (APPLAUSE) ... first of all, you've got to decide, how are we going to be more competitive and how are we going to be the lowest cost? And there's a new Boston consultant (ph) that says, by 2015, South Carolina and Alabama will be cheaper than the Chinese coastal provinces to manufacturing. Second, in terms of dealing with China strategically, I think we're going to have to find ways to dramatically raise the pain level for the Chinese cheating, both in the hacking side, but also on the stealing and intellectual property side. And I don't think anybody today has a particularly good strategy for doing that.

Huntsman rambled on a bit about how tarrifs are bad and sorta-not-sorta accused Romney of pandering. Bachmann came the closest of the whole lot, but still no cigar:

Well, the Chinese have been bad actors. Recently we found out that they dumped counterfeit computer chips here in the United States. We're using some of those counterfeit computer chips in the Pentagon in some of our weapons systems. This has national security implications. We also found out that the Chinese just finished building 3,000 miles of underground tunnels where they are housing some nuclear weapons. There's some very real consequences to the United States overspending to such an extent that we're in hock to them over a trillion dollars. We've sent so much interest money over to the Chinese to pay our debts off that we effectively built their aircraft carrier. And by 2015, we will be sending so much interest money over, we will be paying for the entire People's Liberation Army of China, the number- one employer of the -- of the world. What we need to do is stop enriching China with our money. And we do that by stop borrowing from them, by stop spending money that we don't have.

The word of the day, of course, that no one spoke, was communism.

China is a communist country. As such, no human being in that country has true private property rights. What they are allowed to earn and keep for themselves are given to them by whim of the dictatorial government, and can be revoked at any time for any reason.

A related word to "communism" is "slavery," in that China has slave labor camps.

By this I do not refer to "sweat shops." One rich man's sweat shop is another poor man's opportunity to earn some money in a third-world country. Having the vapors over a "sweat shop" is a canard to let the true evil pass by unnoticed. I distinguish between the two with this simple test: is the worker free to quit at any time for any reason, and tell his employers to f-ck off on his way out? Then it's a sweat-shop, not a slave-labor camp.

Is anyone in China free to leave their country at any time, for any reason, and tell its rulers to f-ck off before leaving? No. The country is a slave labor camp.

So when Governor Arnold purchased a bridge from China, he was purchasing the fruits of slave labor. This action in effect made him and the state of California slave mongers. This is not to single them out; it is almost impossible not to follow in their footsteps. Go to Walmart, buy some electronics, and congratulations, you're now a slave monger, just as surely as if you bought a bale of cotton from a plantation in 1800's New Orleans.

Even if tomorrow China somehow magically decided to disband all of its slave labor camps and disavowed forcing people to work at the physical point of a gun, this still does not make things okay. The country is Communist. It is one giant slave labor camp, in which every man, woman and child in that camp exists to serve the State.

For those who say that "free trade" will magically tame China and have it turn from its dark ways, simply because trading partners do not attack each other, I direct you to the trade we practiced with Nazi Germany before it invaded Poland, or the free trade that Stalin and Hitler practiced before Hitler launched Operation Barbarossa. "Unca Joe" was mighty surprised by his buddy Adolf.

What you can't see in this picture of Wernher von Braun is the evils of collectivism creeping up on him from behind.

Speaking of which, I've been developing a new film project with its main subject being Wernher von Braun. He was a rocket scientist, a Prussian nobleman. He was intelligent, educated, charming, dashing. A ladies man. His dream was to go to the moon via the wonders of rocketry. He is perhaps best known in the United States for having worked for NASA and developing the Saturn V rocket, which helped the United States to the moon and win the space race against the Soviets. This fame is perhaps better known than his earlier years working for the Nazis, because that information was only declassified in the late 1970's and 1980's.

At the age of 23, von Braun began work for the German Army, at the time under the control of the Weimar Republic, which wanted a way to turn rockets into a substitute for artillery. The Treaty of Versailles prevented them from manufacturing artillery in any threatening quantities, but neglected the prohibition of rockets. In this way his work started off innocently enough, and great strides were made by him in the research and development of a useable liquid-fueled rocket.

When Hitler's Nazis erased the Weimar Republic, von Braun continued to work for the German Army. Before you can say "Cheap Chinese Chia-Pets" three times fast, the SS had set up a slave-labor camp filled with 100 pitiful souls at his rocket development base (Peenemunde) to "assist" the German scientists in their development of the V-1 and V-2 rockets.

Later, when the tide of war had changed and Allied bombing was beating the crap out of the Nazis, an underground factory to build the V-2 rocket was built. It was called Mittlewerks. There was also a slave labor camp to provide the labor for the factory. It was called "Dora." At any given time over 10,0000 slaves were supplied by the SS to produce Hitler's wonder weapon in the Dora-Mittlewerks camp. The prisoners were forced to work underground, with little food, little water, and little respite from absolute horror.

On average, 100 people died a day.

Despite this manic churning of blood and flesh, the output of the Mittlewerks factory was lousy. Most of the V-2's produced by the slaves blew up or sat on their pads, mute. This is because slaves will naturally sabotage the work they are forced to do. I think this is also why Chinese products are so lousy. From poisoning our dogs in the U.S. to poisoning milk bound for Japan, up to and including electronics that fail in our own weapons systems, reliance upon slave labor is not only a bad idea morally, it is a dangerous proposition for the slave mongers.

After declassification, latter-day historians have begun a campaign to villify von Braun and his associates. Dennis Piszkiewicz in his book "The Nazi Rocketeers" makes a case that von Braun and company knew exactly what was going on at the Mittlewerks-Dora concentration camps (contrary to their protestations after the fact), and were therefore complicit in the war crimes. Yet, paradoxically, he describes the constant danger that everyone, including von Braun, his scientists and their Wermacht Army drones, were under. The threat of summary execution by the SS for any imagined slight to the Fatherland was ever-present.

In fact, Von Braun was at one point arrested and only barely escaped execution by the SS for having dreamed outloud at a soiree on the true goal of his work: travel to the moon, and beyond. This was considered treason by the SS and Himmler, its overlord. In another section of the book, Piszkiewicz notes:

Alwin Sawatzki had promised the Ministry of Armaments that the Mittelwerk would be producing A-4's [the earlier name for the V-2] by the end of 1943. He told Arthur Rudolph that he wanted 50 missiles in December. Rudolph told Sawatzki that if the underground factory produced five, he would be lucky. Sawatzki told Rudolph that if missiles were not rolling off the assembly line by the end of the year, he could find himself a worker in the underground factory rather than its manager.

In a collectivist state, everyone is a slave.

The other thing about any flavor of collectivism - whether it be communism or socialism (Hitlerian or latter-day-European) - is that it has a way of creeping up on its victims. Before they know it, they exist only to serve the State, and if the State wants you to build a bridge for Arnold Schwarzenegger and the people of California or a V-2 rocket to bomb London, you better damned well do it.

But but but, we're free-trading partners! We thought you were just going to the moon to look cool. We didn't realize all you had to do was tap that rock and it would wipe out our whole continent. Gee whiz! Someone get me a cheap television so I can watch the news and figure out how many people are left alive.

And now the Chinese have their eyes on the moon that von Braun brought us to, and are building a path to it on the backs of slaves. If you own the moon, you own the military high ground. The atom bomb is child's play compared to the havoc Chinese slave-mongers could cause the free nations of Earth from the moon.

Anyone want a 10-ton asteroid sent hurtling towards your country at thousands of miles a second?

It's time for us to extricate ourselves from enjoying the fruits of slave labor, before it is too late and we become morally complicit in the slavery of China. If we haven't already. And our GOP candidates should have the backbone to call a spade a spade, and quit being Neville Chamberlains about the evils of China.

"Don't rejoice in his defeat, you men. For though the world stood up and stopped the Bastard, the Bitch that bore him is in heat again." - Bertolt Brecht

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