Domestic-Terrorist Funder Barbra Streisand?

What Did Barbra Streisand Know...

And When Did She Know It?


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Journalist Forced to Flee Home by Streisand-Funded Domestic Terrorist Bomber!

Juicy headline, eh? Guaranteed to bring in the page views. I can't imagine I'm the only one who's thought of this angle to the story.

Why no jibberjabber from the media herd? Why is this story being left to the part-time blogosphere?

Why does Lee Stranahan have to make a video on his own dime, and declare this Friday as "write about Brett Kimberlin day" to try and drum up interest in the story?

Listen up, new-media castrati and old-media dino dung:

Barbra Streisand donated to organizations run by, founded by, or employing the services of, the convicted terrorist "Speedway Bomber" Brett Kimberlin.

Did Babs know who the beneficiary of her money was, and that her money would go to terrorizing journalists who dared to write about the "Speedway Bomber?"

Or was she a rube?

Absent evidence to the contrary, my guess is "rube." But hey, that's an interesting headline, too...

Journalist Flees Home, Streisand Had No Idea She Funded Domestic Terrorist Bomber!

Now what about George Soros' Tides Foundation? They gave a lot more money than Babs. Rube? Willing accomplice?

My guess: not rube. That's a pretty interesting story too...

Journalist Flees Home, Speedway Bomber Funded By Dr. Evil!

How about some of you journo-lists and editors out there demonstrate you're not entirely "castrati" and get to work on this damned story?

You're not all "nutless wonders."

You know who you are. And I do too. And my patience is wearing thin. I just spoon-fed you the story. Don't make me change your goddamn diapers, too.

Update 1: Instapundit link, thanks!

Update 2: My current list of Not-Castrati:

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(If I missed anyone please let me know.)

Update 3: Oh yes, my dear Watson, I know who I haven't missed, but remains - at this point - still unlisted.

Update 4: There was a technical issue with comments. Should be fixed now.

Update 5: The organization I thought was going to stay home jumped in. Yay!

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