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Obama: Just Leave Dr. Britney ALONE!


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I've been extremely busy concentrating on the U.S. House and Senate, so haven't had much time to absorb other things going on in the blogosphere.

This morning I finally got a few minutes to catch up and noticed that blogger acquaintance Zilla of the Resistance has been having a severely tough time of it. She's been suffering from Lyme disease, and Obamacare's been making it extremely difficult and expensive to find affordable treatment for it.

Doctors going off the grid? Doctors demanding retainers? Doctors going underground? Wasn't Obamacare the cure to all our ills?

I need to find what they call a Lyme Literate doctor (LLMD) but because of the nanny-state's interference, most of the Lyme specialists operate on a cash only basis and it is very expensive - one doctor I called charges $1500 just for the initial consult visit and requires a $500 deposit just to even make the appointment! Obviously that is out of my league and I am not willing to drop that kind of money on a doctor that I have not even met before I know if he can even help me...

Lyme Literate doctors are not generally open about what they do because big nanny state puts a lot of them under investigation and at risk of losing their medical licenses so there is actually a Lyme Disease 'underground' that involves privately contacting people who may know a doctor who can help just to find treatment. People getting treated are urged not to publish the names of their doctor or any contact information because it can put the doctors at risk. How messed up is that? I suspect it will worsen under Obamacare and will not just effect Lyme doctors; anyone who deviates from big-nanny approved methods will be targeted - there are already a growing number of doctors in many different fields who no longer accept insurance and operate as cash only so they have less hoops to jump through in order to properly care for their patients.

Hey Obama: just leave Dr. Britney ALONE!

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Update: Zilla has found a documentary on the subject of how screwed we are health-wise because of the nanny state. She has an embed from Hulu, but I understand that the DVD is also available.

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